Concerts in the main church St.-Pieter Tielt 2017





Saterday 18/3, 8PM


Concert with David Van Maele, clarinet & Tom Hoornaert, organ



Friday 24/3, 8.30PM


Oratorium "JOZEF", choir Cantiga Tielt, choir Cantando Oedelem, choir Cantabile Dadizele


Tenor Stefaan Vandenbroucke, organ Gerwin Vanderplaats (NL), piano Bart Feys


Conductor: Tom Hoornaert



Saterday 15/4, 8PM


Easter with choir Cantiga, conductor Tom Hoornaert



Sunday 16/4, 9.30AM


Easter with youthchoir Vocina, conductor Michiel Dejaeger



Sunday 16/4, 6PM


Paasviering met JET Symphonic Band, conductor Wim Belaen



Saterday 6/5, 1.30PM


Exam students academie



Monday 15/5


Day of organists



Tuesday 13/6, 7PM


Mass with bishop Lode Aerts


Conductor: Ignace Thevelein, organ, Tom Hoornaert



Saterday 2/9, 7PM


Chamadeconcert with Ruben Abdullin (Rusland), organ



Saterday 9/9, 7PM





Saterday 16/9, 7PM





Saterday 23/9, 7PM





Saterday 30/9 , 7PM





Friday 6/10, 8PM


Concert with choir "Con Cuore", conductor Jan Vuye



Saterday 18/11, 8PM


Concert with "Chamberchoir Ultreya", orchestra "Cordula", piano "Anke Steenbeke"


Conductor: Tom Hoornaert



Saterday 25/11, 5.30PM


Mass with choir "Cantiga" , conductor Tom Hoornaert



Saterday 2/12, 8PM


Concert with brassband VNA Tielt, organ: Tom Hoornaert, conductor Bart Lagacie


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